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Resources on Cognitive and Behavioural Economics


A mailing list of New Economic Papers on
Cognitive and Behavioural Economics

NEP-CBE is a mailing list aimed at presenting new downloadable papers dealing with Cognitive and Behavioural Economics.

It is part of the NEP project, a free system of mailing lists organized by disciplinary areas, proposing new papers every week. NEP-CBE items are selected from papers inserted in the archive of the REPEC system, the main world database of Economics studies.
All scholars can participate in it, building a personal page with their own profile, including papers and contact information.

NEP-CBE covers many areas such as: learning models, problem solving and decision making, new knowledge building, cognitive processes, agent based simulation, relation between Economics and Psychology, individual motivations and altruism, experiments on individual and organizational behaviour, complexity, and Heterodox Economics methodology

To receive NEP-CBE at no charge: send an e-mail to marco.novarese@unipmn.it, asking to be inserted in the list,


The archive of the past issues is also available (for free).




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